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Friday, June 6, 2008

Ummmm...Yeah...I Have Too Much Stuff!

I got my new rolling suitcase for all of my photography equipment today. And shortly after filling the bag to it's capacity...I realized....I have too much STUFF!

LOOK AT THIS SUITCASE! It's full! If I buy anything else I will have to start hauling my equipment on a donkey cart (as my pal George from the UK said).

And that's not the end of the equipment...yes, there is more! It's taken over the corner of this room. How many backpacks, cases, or bags does one girl need (apparently many!). The backpacks shown are not full but they do serve various purposes (depending up where & what I'm doing) so I have deemed them all necessary.

The tall bags in the back hold my backdrop "stuff" and my lighting/tripod "stuff" (all necessary as well).

Honestly, what you see here is very organized (organized being my middle name and all). I've actually helped myself tremendously to bring my traveling circus down to the rolling suitcase and 2 long bags (and a step stool sometimes) so this should make "on-location" photography a bit easier to handle all of the equipment. Thank goodness for "crossover" vehicles!!

I guess I can't buy anymore equipment unless I find more room for it..."hey wait! didn't that one bag have a little room left??" *giggles*


Enigma3 said...


Why don't you throw all that stuff in your crossover vehicle and boogie down here to Washington for a weekend to shoot with Mike and myself? We will help you carry all that equipment. NOT! :)

Jen Weaver Photography said...

I might just make it there sometime soon! I can't get enough of DC (I've been there about 7-8 times) and I haven't been there since I got crazy about photography. I think I'd go crazy shooting there. I just love that town...

Don't worry...you and Mike wouldn't have to carry a thing...I'll just bring my donkey cart. LOL

Heather said...

my goodness girl...that is a lot of gear!

Hey...I'm in for a trip to DC too...just deciding between Oct & April!

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