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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bobbi + Mike

I like to visit other photographer's blogs to learn new & exciting ideas and to get inspiration from others photographers.

I have a whole list of RSS feeds that I try to check daily and one in particular that I've really been enjoying lately is:


This husband and wife duo from Indiana continues to amaze me each time I see their work.

Their website says: "a husband & wife photo team who love being in love, photographing love, and being loved. how lovely is that?!"

Take a look and I think you'll be impressed!
You'll love the personality that oozes right out of their blog!


Heather said...

I spent some time on this blog today-I love the style. I also like how they include photos of each other in the blog. Thanks for sharing Jen!

Bobbi said...

Uhm... You rock!

You seriously just made my day!

I'll try to keep up the inspiration level and pump up the creativity... NO PRESSURE!!!!!!

You=amazing! :)



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