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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

In the Spotlight

I hope you're not getting tired of this series. I'm almost done!

A couple funny ones that I worked on tonight...

We found this random light lying around the psychiatric hosptail grounds and Jen decided to put Brittany "in the spotlight" :)

The wind picked up and the girls got into it LOL!

Do you know what grabbed me with this one? The shadow of the creepy tree to the right! The tonemapping really brought out the colors of the brick.


M Palmer said...

Nice shots! I really like the lighting shot when she is holding the light, maybe a Filter-Render-Lighting Effects to make that light come to life = )

Heather said...

okay the windy one is the one that does it for me in this set. Second in line? The last shot with them grabbing on each other and having a freaky look rocks too! I think these 2 are the best on the entire series so far!

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