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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Just Stunning! Which Appeals To You Most?

More of Psychiatric Sundays Series

I'm into such a variety of photography and I'm lucky that once in a while I get some friends are willing to do a fun photo shoot like this.

*Jen, sorry it's taking me so long but sometimes when I have a large series like this and I have other "photo ops" in between I like to do a little bit of one shoot and then switch to another for variety. I'm almost done at this point! I know how badly you want me to get to the BLUE DOOR shots! :) I hope you love what you've been seeing so far!

Back to the photos....

I'm trying NOT to do so many different edits of the same photo. I've talked about this in prior posts....it's a hard thing for me to do.

Sometimes I find it hard to decide the one edit in my mind and just do it so I end up trying multiple edits. But there's only so much time in my day after working full time, coming home and taking care of "things," that I get to sit down, check my favorite blogs, the forum, and my e-mail before I get to start edit...so I need to learn how to decide in my head what will work and go from there. I'm sure eventually I will get better at it (or at least that's what I keep telling myself!)

I've been getting better at it but when I got to this shot I spent a lot of time on the color edit getting it just right and then I decided I loved the shot so much that it really deserved a variety of edits to find the best one.

Based on what you've seen of the Psychiatric Sundays series over the past few weeks - what edit of this photo really "moves" you? Think about the setting, the tone of the shoot, and the expression here and let me know what you think.


Original - tweaked

Techinicolor Dream World & Joey L's Edgy Emboss

Lomo Cross Processing

Joey L's Night Action and Joey L's Night Action

Bitchin B&W Action with Joey L's Edgy Emboss Action

Lomo Cross Processed Action with Bitchin B&W Action

A couple other shots that I had time to work on tonight.

I love how the lights & shadows are in this one AND the vignette & blur action really worked well with this!

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Julie said...

Stunning is right!!! Great job Jen and I love the actions you chose to use on these. They are great!!

M Palmer said...

The Lomo CP is my fav. I think the lil extra pop in color works - Great job on all!

Stacey Huston said...

Beautiful shots and subject. I think the final result should be what you, and possibly the model feel the most passionate about. I personally like the bitchn BW. (but not the title lol) I always resort to black and white when in doubt.. but I love black and white, just don't forget to save the original..

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