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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Office Inspiration

Ever find yourself looking for photography inspiration?

When you can't think of what to photograph just look around you - the inspiration is there - you just have to SEE it! It doesn't always jump out at you, you have to experiment and take a risk.

Lately my macro lens has been inspriring me to try looking at normal objects differently. I brought my camera to work with my yesterday because I planned to go to the park after work (which I did).

I was changing the lens to get the camera during my lunch so I could be ready for macro shooting after work and I decided that I would play around taking a few macro shots at my desk. Well, it turned into a whole series... "around the office" (or shall I say Cubicle!)


Heather said...

wow...I like all the colorful ones-especially the file folders

M Palmer said...

your geeting some great results, not just the bokeh, the composition is well thought out - same with your flowers -

Oscar said...

Jen - The rubber bands are jealous.

~Jennifer Ann~ said...

those are acutally very neat i loved it.

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