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Monday, August 6, 2007

I made my 1st photo sale!

Thanks to my friend Gordon, who I work with, I made my first official photo sale of the photo below:

The photo was taken the day after the N'oreaster we had in New Jersey back on April 15th. 2007. I stopped to capture this scene while I was driving around to check out the aftermath of the flooding in my area.
I pass this farm everyday on my way home from work but the road is so tight that there is no way to pull over to take the photo unless I wanted to pull right into the farmer's driveway and I wasn't going to do that!! LOL!
So, because the road in front of the farmer's house was flooded (and I couldn't drive any further) it was the perfect opportunity to shoot the flood but then turn around and take a photo of his farm and his barn, which is another shot I also love (below).

While I was driving that day I also stumbled upon the scene below. The person got out okay but I can't say the same for their car!

Anyway, back to the original subject.....so, I sold the farm scene photograph at 18 inches wide adhered to a black backing board. It's a "large format" print so the printing and application to the special backing board was done at my sister's graphics shop. She uses the same large machine that prints the graphics for vehicles/signs, etc that prints on huge rolls of vinyl. So people can get their photos as large as a bus (no kidding!!) or as small as an 8x10. We're going to try to get more business based on large format printing (besides me trying to sell regular prints). (her website http://www.cranburycustom.com/).

I guess you can say this is my 3rd "sale" (but I'm using "sale" very losely)...My mom was the first person (besides myself) to have one of my photos blown up into a large format print and my grandfather had the same photo blown up (but not as bis as moms). This is how mom's photo of the Manhattan Bridge & the Brooklyn Bridge (where she's from) looks in her office:

My sister will be at the National Night Out in Hightstown, New Jersey tomorrow selling graphics/decals, etc so if you're in the area - stop on by and pick something up!! She'll be featuring the sale of large format photography printing featuring our photographs.

Maybe I'll make another sale somehow!
Below is the flyer she'll be sharing at the event. If you know anyonw who is interested in Large format digital prints of their own photos or any photos featured on my website http://www.jenweaverphotography/ call Cranbury Custom Vehicle Lettering & Graphics at 609-587-6444:

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