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Friday, August 17, 2007

My Day Off...Around the Old Neighborhood

I had off from work today :) and I decided that I'd take the day to go off on my own for some photography.

Last week I saw some things that I thought would be good for photographs and I made a mental note of them. Today was a great day to head out and capture them.

I headed to Hellmetta, NJ (which borders the town I grew up in) for my first stop of the day. My subject was the abandoned Helm Snuff Mill. Click here for background on the factory.

I also visited an old cemetery with stones dating back to the 1700s. For some reason I love photographing cemeteries (not in a creepy way). I love to look at the old stones, find the oldest one, and photography the monuments.

The last place I stopped by was the lake next to my grammar school. I got some shots of the lake and a collection of great dragonfly photos (which took A LOT of patience!!)

Later tonight on our way to/and as we left the store we came accross the most beautiful clouds...like a spotlight shining from the heavens...breathtaking!

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