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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Fun Fact/Polarizers/Random Thougts

I might be the only one who thinks it's a fun fact (he he he) but my blog hit 999 visitors today. :)

I just thought it was neat and wanted to mention it.


On another note have you ever wondered why you need a POLARIZER?

A really great link was shared today on the forum that I'm a member of and I thought I would share it HERE.


More random thoughts....

I found this site today...I like his stuff! Very unique weddings & other shots!

John Michael Cooper: http://www.altf.com/

Strangely as I look it his site it makes me want to be a wedding photographer - as much as that would scare me to death and I probably would NEVER do it as a business (at least as the main photographer). I think it's just the "idea" of wanting to capture images just like I see on sites like this. Maybe that's all it is...


Edited today that I wanted to share...

I don't know this person but as we were leaving the wildlife preserve we passed the section where the skeet shooters were. I made my sister stop the truck and I took this from the passenger seat while leaning over my sister through her window (that goodness for zoom!).


I don't know what it is about this...I almost went right past it...but I like it...maybe it's the curve of the soybeans crop in the foreground.

(click to view larger)

And one more...

(click to view larger)

1 comment:

Lizzieinmanila said...

Jen, really like that image, beautiful exposure, balance, colour...

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