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Monday, December 10, 2007


Ok, this post is not about global warming (as the title might suggest) but it is about a Greenhouse!

I stumbled upon this lovely broken down greenhouse the same time I found the old barn that I posted yesterday. They were both on the same abandoned street.... I'm tellin' ya...it was creepy!

It was completely fenced in all the way around with no way to enter (darn it) but I stood in the field that was next to it because it was a bit of higher ground and I was able to get above the fence in a lot of the shots. Other ones included the fence in the photo but I didn't mind it at all (kind added to the strange abandoned place).

"Not so long ago, an evil doctor genetically engineered some plants in the greenhouse. Shortly thereafter, the evil doctor, his plants, and the entire neighborhood vanished...." (written by a fellow forum member for these pics LOL!!!)

That's a huge turkey buzzard on top of the chimney...


lg said...

these are stunning jen!
i love the emptyness and the mystique.

Dad said...

HI Jen,

As usual you really know how to capture the solitude of these neat old places.

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