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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Out and About in Princeton

Today I had to run some errands and decided to bring the tripod camera. I headed towards Princeton, NJ and parked on the main street and decided to focus on one area of the campus with beautiful architecture.

I did everything with 3 exposures so I could create some HDRs in Photomatrix with the photos taken.

I spent about one hour on the campus and got what I think are some great shots but then my $1.25 for our hour on the parking meter was up and I had no more change so I had to leave or get a ticket!

Before I headed home I stopped back at 2 areas I wanted to revisit (both were on the same rocky road). One was an abandoned nursury/green houses of sorts that is huge and strangely is completely fenced in around it -- and the other was right down the rocky path which eventually turned into paved road -- a was a number of abandoned homes.

I photgraphed the abandoned nursery in the most pleasing way possible (due to the chain link fence around it) and I found a bit of higher ground in the field next to it where I could get a better look and some better photos that were all behind a fence.

When I was done there I explored the street with the abandoned houses although I wasn't sure if I'd find anything worthy of photographing. I make a turn and found that one of the houses had a huge barn that was somewhat falling apart - which is right up my alley (and oerfect for HDR photography)!

I photographed there as quick as I could because I'm sure these boarded up homes were "no trespassing!" The barn made some great photos along with a falling down clothesline that caught my interest.

After I edit them I will post away!

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