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Monday, December 3, 2007

Learning Something New Everyday!

Just go a link to this article on the forum I belong to regarding "dragging the shutter" - I swear I learn a new thing everyday!

I just have to remember to try out all of the new techniques I learn and remember how to do them when the time is right.

To read the article from Neil van Niekerk click here: DRAGGING THE SHUTTER

After reading through that article I checked out the rest of the site and it has a lot of great reading material regarding shooting with a flash and a ton of other very usefull information. Click here to go to the homepage of Neil van Niekerk's site WWW.PLANETNEIL.COM

Another link with helpful backdrop ideas was also shared with me today. I thought I'd share it with readers of this blog:


My friend Tiffany finalized her Christmas card today. This is the final version:

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The card looks great!

As always, thanks for sharing the great photography tips. And, you are right....it is a challenge to remember everything one wants to try out! Sue

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