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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Baby Eric!

Today was baby Eric's photoshoot and it went very well. Between cries I think we got some really great holiday themed photos.

The fabric worked out really well once we found a way to rig up. We used a very large armoir that holds the TV in the family room. We shut the doors and hung the material on top of the TV stand with heavy free weights.

I need to get some kind of stand evenutally if I am to keep doing this kind of thing. We put a folded blanket under the muslin that came down across the floor so the baby would be lying on it. Then we used his boppy for the ones where we didn't have something to prop under his arms (like the stocking, etc).

I had to lay on my stomach in front of him to take the photos straight on. So, the only thing I might try next time is putting him on a table and hanging the backdrop behind him so I can sit on a chair in front of him to shoot the shots. I got tired getting up and down from a laying down position every time I wanted to adjust something but you live and learn!

Next time I do back at the end of December we are going to try different things so it will all be practice.

The only thing I noticed about the muslin is that it atracts every pieces of lint but then again what material doesn't? At least I heard it's easy to wash...but I guess everytime I wash it I have to IRON IT!!! By the way...I had to iron it! It took quite a while but I was worried the creases would show. Now I'm not so sure the creases would have even shown with the way I only lit the scene with a couple overhead recessed lights and the flash with the Gary Fong Lightsphere (with the white cap over it).

I think I should have bumped up the dimmer on the over head lights because I'm finding the unedit versions very dark and I need to boost the brightness on them.

I'm uploading the unedited originals and when they load my friend is going to pick out the ones she likes most so I can edit those first (that way she can order her Holiday Cards).

Then I will slowy work on my favorites of the day doing the usual assortments of treatments, etc.

My favorite are the ones where he is lying on the towels over the laundry basket - they are soooo cute! Julie thought this was the cutest picture and I must say I agree - it's one of my other favorites of the day:

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