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Monday, December 17, 2007

Happy Birthday To Me

Well, it's not my birthday yet...it's Saturday. But my Birthday/Christmas gift has arrived today from B&H Photo.

I haven't tried it yet...I know...you're asking "why???" That's so unlike me! Well, other things have gotten in the way of trying it but I think I will go and try it right now....

More to come in this post if I get a few shots off.

OKAY! I CONVINCED MYSELF! Even though I'm dead tired!

I just went and used my new lens for the first time! I shot for about 20 minutes and tis the season I went with mostly Christmas ornaments for the test shots.

These are unedited straight out of the camera....so that means I haven't worked with the white balance and it may be off in these shots. I'm still experimenting with various lightbulbs and camera settings (and the flash).

These were shot in the new lightbox with the flouresent setting for the white balance on the camera, the Gary fong cloudy filter on, and the flouresent bulbs in the lamps.

And some non-Christmas items:


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Jen! I wish you the best! Sue

Anonymous said...


I have the same camera and speedlight. To solve the problem with the seams in the foam board, just purchase a sheet of thin, white poster board (not to thin)that bends nicely into an arc.
Let the top of the poster board rest in the upper, top, back seam of the box and the lower edge of the poster board taped at the front, bottom edge of the light box. Depending on the length of the poster board you can vary its bending arc inside the light box. In the 60's a friend of mine used an opaque plastic sheet that would bend nicely and he would place lighting behind the bend that would diffuse through the plastic sheet. The results were spectacular. Take Care and enjoy.

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