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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hidden Treasures

Tonight I edited some of the New York City photos I took last Saturday.

When it came to the architectural shots I tonemapped the single RAW image to get some great simulated HDR shots.

I got to this photo and and I stopped in my tracks when I saw the shot after tonemapping!!! Take a look at the skyscraper on the left! The sunlight shining on the building created a.....HEART! I couldn't believe it!! This was not maipulated!!! I completely LOVE it!

I'm calling it:


Some other favorites from NYC from this editing session:

Some people shots I really liked:




I couldn't decide between the following 2 effects on this photo:


Anonymous said...

Oh Jen, I do love the "heart" on the building. Isn't it amazing how sometimes our images have such pleasant surprises for us! Sue

lg said...

spectacular! That heart on the building... what an awesome surprise. Beautiful work as always!

Julie said...

Fantastic Jen!!! I "heart" the heart one too. These are all great!!!

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