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Thursday, November 1, 2007

2nd Best Sunset in a Long Time!

Well I wrote a whole blog post last light and then this morning it was here....so I will start all over again. :)

I saw this sunset when I was coming off the highway exit ramp on my way home from work. There was a huge line to come off the exit and make a left...so I went right, made a u turn and beat the whole line of traffic...I just had to do it! I wasn't going to miss this beautiful sunset waiting in a line of traffic! No way! I already witnessed an amazing one back in July when I had NO camera with me at all and I never made it home in time to capture it. Boooooo!

So, I drove like a madwoman as fast as I could to get to my favorite farm field right down the road from the exit. This farm land has provided me so many wonderful shots of the sky in all different phases and cloud formations.

Of course this is one of the best sunsets I've witnessed in a really long time and I decided not to bring the D80 with me to work today so I had to settle for the Canon Powershot I keep in my purse. Thanks goodness I carry it with me or I would have missed something that I thought was spectacular when I saw it with my own eyes.

It doesn't look like my eyes saw it in person...but it's still pretty beautiful in the shots. The clouds reflected all of the red of the sunset and it was just beautiful.

The funniest part was that another woman pulled over and got out of the car with her digital point and shoot camera and said she always carries it with her as well! LOL! She asked me if I've been shooting very long etc, and that she always missed good sunsets and when she saw me as she was driving by she just had to stop. I realized after that I should have taken her photo...taking the sunset. It would have been funny to capture someone as nutty as me stopped on the side of the road to capture the sunset! We both were their for a while. I wanted to watch the whole show before I contunued my ride home.

Let me end wth the "bummer thought of the day"...Once the time changes on Sunday for daylight savings I will no longer get out of work when it's still light out...so there will be no after work stops for photos until Spring. Kinda sad because I look forward to those stops here and there along the way home.

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