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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Gotta Shoot Something, Right?

Well...it's dark when I leave work so no pictures on the way home for a while.

That leaves indoor shots as my only option for photography at the moment and I haven't decided to set any indoor macros or still lifes up yet.

Today my only photographic opportunity was when I noticed my Lab Lucas playing tug-o-war with his sleep-over pal for this week (my Mom's dog Emma).

I found it humorous that they were fighthing over a giant Shamu! The Shamu is the size of Emma! LOL!

*Of course, photographically, I wish the coat and Marshalls shopping bag were not in the photo but what can you do on a minutes notice. These were just for fun.

Here's my buddy...love those big brown eyes:

And of course I had to get my hubby greeting Lucas and our cute little houseguest when he got home from work:

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