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Monday, November 12, 2007

Exciting Night

Well Tom finally got a nice new (used) car...after driving around in a junky mobile for a long, long time it was finally his time to get something nice for himself.

Well....of course I wouldn't be me without snapping some PHOTOS! Unfortunately it was dark or I may have gone off the deep end and started snapping shots of it on the lawn...with some nice hedges for a background....with colorful fall leaves strategically scattered about...and...a freshly mowed lawn...and...(just kidding) but I would have done some nicer shots then in the dark.

Just edited some photos and I got to this one. I did it in color which looked great but then I played around with an action that I hadn't used much and then tweaked it's desired effect to make it look like I wanted to. Then I worked with the eyes and shadows in the shot and got this final result.

I have to say, for people shots, this ranks up there pretty high in my book for top favorites.

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