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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Family Portraits Today

Today I tried "family portraits" with my OLDEST friend in the world and her husband and daughter.

We ventured to a park near their home on this beautiful and very sunny day. It was very tough because it's hard keeping a one year old's attention. I've worked with 2 & 3 years olds and it was a lot easier with them.

I thought it would work out very well in my head but it didn't turn out like I had envisioned. But it was a first try at this.

These are learning experiences...believe me...I know that....what I've taken away is that it might not work out the first time. You may have to try several times to get it right when it comes to small children who's attention may be on things they find in the grass, ducks in the pond, people walking by, sounds, etc....These are distractions you have to look for that take their attention away form looking 'towards' the camera. It helps to have things to catch their attention such as toys they like (especially squeaking toys).

I did get some shots during the visit that are great shots of the baby with daddy, baby with mommy, or baby alone but I'm slightly disappointed in what I was able to capture of mom, dad, and baby together...which was my main focus of the shoot. They wanted a family photo possibly for their Christmas card.

I got what I consider 2 good shots where everyone looks great sitting on a blanket byt the lake but the part that was tough about those good shots was the SUN. I'm tellin' ya - the sun is my newest issue and I swear I will learn how to defeat this mortal enemy! LOL! (ok, please don't think I'm crazy...I'm just on a rant because the sun has ruined more of my portraits practices lately then I care to mention.) I also got some good family shots where they were holding the baby in standing shots.

It was such a beautiful park to photograph a beautiful family. Here is one I really like. I've applied other filters on this shot that I think came out great but here is the color version.

I've been hearing alot about exposure being "key" and to be quite honest...I know I just need to read more so I can get what that really means and understand if mastering it will really help the sun from blowing out someone's face and ruining shots. I know that I am in hurry to be 'pefect' and that's the problem. It takes time to master all of the techniques....and I guess I've only got time so I should take it slow.

As I edit more of the family photo shoot I will be adding them to my website and possibly a couple favorites here.

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