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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Forsythia in Bloom in Princeton NJ

After my day of running around doing errands I was determined to find a photo opportunity. I brought my camera and tripod with me because I was hoping to find SOMETHING...Nothing crazy...I didn't want to be out for hours....I just wanted something to photograph today...I guess I just had the "itch" to take something. Do you know that feeling?

When I was driving I spotted something YELLOW our of the corner of my eye that grabbed my attention. I memorized where I saw that pop of color along the highway and then on my way back from shopping I pulled down the main street that takes you into Princeton, NJ and I found what caught my attention.

It was a long line of forsythia in bloom running along the side of a farm that I actually photographed a while back.

Next to the line of forsythia was the line of beautiful trees that leads you all the way into Princeton that I always enjoy seeing as I ride along this road. It got so cold by this point and I was wearing a light jacket. I stood there praying that cars would stop coming down the VERY busy road on the left so I could snap my photos and get back in my warm car!

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Heather said...

I see why you stopped and why you waited for all the cars to pass for that last shot-it is the best one!

:) Sounds like a nice day you had...mine was boring-the highlight was going to dog training-Zelda learned "Park It"! :)

Stacey Huston said...

Beautiful.. I think the last one is my favorite though.. thanks for sharingw

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