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Monday, March 10, 2008

Psychiatric Sunday II

I worked on quite a few edits of this series tonight. Be prepared...until I'm done editing the series you're going to see a lot of it!

Part I of the series can be seen HERE.

Part III can be seen HERE.

I posted this photo in yesterday's blog post, but then tonight, I applied a texture to it and I think it came out pretty interesting:

For this one I applied an action on this photo that applied a blur and texture around the subjects. I love the result...especially of the color:

Cross process worked so well for this one:

I applied many actions to this one but I think I like it best in color:

I like the look of this one...

Then I took the processed one above and applied a bronzed action over it:

Color version with a painting with light effect on the subjects:

Then I applied a number of different actions over it for the next few versions. This shot was my favorite that I edited for the day:

Darker with a blur around the subjects:

Texture over the subject:

A wide angle of the shot above with a little bit of a different angle:

Same shot in color with a bleach action on it:


roentarre said...

I found your techniques very artistic. Beautiful and colourful. I preferred the colour version btw :)

Julie said...

I love this second set. I will have to check out your gallery though to tell you which numbers are my favorite.....but then again, they are all my fav's ;o)

~Jennifer Ann~ said...

so much to say. i love the bleachin of the subjects, and the slideshow...i really love everything..its so awesome.

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