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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Psychiatric Sunday V

More from this evening:

When we were at the site I saw this tree immediately and knew I had to get them posing in front of it. I love when there are great discoveries that you didn't realize you'd have at your disposal.

I love the dark look of this photo's post-processing...it really grabs me. The posing is what made it for me as well. I asked Brittany to crouch down like that in comparison to Jen standing tall with her post and the tree standing tall in the distance. The balance works so well.

I wasn't sure how it would come out but I when I saw the shots on the LCD I loved the stagged appearance of the models with the tree (maybe one day I will clone out the stupid piece of tall grass that got in my way. Thank goodness after this shot I saw it and squashed it.) :)

I like the low perspective of this one and the way Jen is covering her face here. Normally I would want a tree coming out of the back of someone's head but this one just has a majestic feel with that crazy tree and branches coming from every which way.

I really love this one of Brittany. How could I not? Her look off into the distance, the crouch in the scattering of leaves all worked so well in this photo.

We couldn't have found a cooler location for this shoot!

I used a the "RUSTY CAGE" action on this shot from Boutwell's Totally Rad Actions (Caffeine Jolt). It gave the shot a surreal, warm & somewhat darker look...

I also did it in B&W and I love the effect it had on the photo so I'm having a hard time deciding between the two of them. I guess I can like both equally! :)

This is the black & white one of the same photo. A whole different feel in Black & White! For this action I especially love the contrast and the vignetted/burned edges. Makes you really focus on the subject.

This landscape (wide) version of this scene is my favorite between the one above and this one. This conversion is great! I decided to use a black & white action that has an infrared look to it. The action is from ITTY BITTY ACTIONS and this is the first time I'm trying it.

For this one I did a Photoshop action that blurs the entire photo and then you erase back in the parts that you want to be in focus.

The effect that the photo above had on the scene really made Brittany pop out of the background and the soft feel of the background is very dream-like to me.

Again, I'm not usually a fan of the tree coming out of he head of a model but for this tree I knew I wanted a really low feel so I crouched down and took the shot from below the girls. I love their looks as if something is in the distance...

I love this one of Jen. The look on her face is perfect and the way she is leaning against Brittany. Even the positioning of Brittany's hand is perfect on her head. I was worried that it would have the same impact without seeing Brittany's face, etc but I think this speaks volumes just the way it is. I know people hate "blown highlights" but they don't bother me here. I want a HARSH crazy feel to these!

I also love this edit with the a Lomo Cross Processing action on it:

Well folks...that's all for tonight! More to come tomorrow (and the next day and the next day and the next day)... LOL!

Be on the look out for more of this series.


Heather said...

Love the last shot and the portrait version of it...fabulous! What are these actions you are using? Are they several steps or just one click?

~Jennifer Ann~ said...

i loved the tree and love all your work on these.

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