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Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Many Faces of Jen

Well I had fun tonight...by myself! I was bored so you know when I get bored I turn to self portraits. Well this time I decided to have lots of fun with them and not be all serious.

I laughed, I made funny faces, I jumed up in the air, I jumped into the photo, swung my hair around all crazy, took some serious ones, and tried some new angles with the tripod. I had fun just being silly...

After I while I realized I had developed a "series" of faces...so I went with it and made as many as I could think of. I ended up with 30. So, I came back into my office and made a composite of all 30 faces and called it "The Many Faces of Jen."

It has no purpose at all except for FUN...and fun I had...if you can't tell:

(click to view very large)

I did take some serious ones. I made the tripod as TALL as I could get it and had the camera pointing down at me. I turned my head all different angles and this is the first one I edited. This is exactly how it was taken (landscape) with my head tilted to the side looking upwards into the camera lens on the tallest tripod setting:

Converted to a Dark B&W:

And a little LOMO...

And a session would not be complete without a kiss (well it was really a "sniff") from Lucas aka "Silks" (I don't know why my face was blown out here but who cares....)


Julie said...

OH my goodness!!! I love these and you are inspiring me to do some of the girls...or emmalie and me. Oh it is so good to see this collage!
Great work!!

Heather said...

cute cute cute!

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