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Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Tribute to Minolta - Where it all got serious for me... The X700

I started my love for photography at a very early age...I'd say the photos in my album that I took on my own started around 7 yrs old.

My first camera was a little brown boxy camera (which I wish I still had but I can't find it anywhere!). It was my Dad's camera and was really old. The photos were in a square format and I still have every photo I took with it! (I should scan them to make you all laugh at my posed photos of my childhood friends!!)

Then the next one was a little black camera with flashbulbs...

Then I got a 110 camera which was so exciting with the built in flash!

After that things progressed with an Ansco point & shoot 35mm camera...in my middle school days into highschool.

When I took my first photography class in highschool my parents decided to buy me the same camera my father had (for Christmas)...the Minolta X700. It came with a lens (pictured) and my dad purchased me the motordrive, and a bounce flash. He had an extra zoom lens so he let me have one. There my photography love became serious as I learned how to develop my film, etc. (wish I could remember how to!)

Sadly this great camera collects dust due to my love of digital photography but sometimes I pull it out and consider popping some film in....haven't done it yet but I might

Well....with all the said....here she is...the Minolta X700 in my homemade lightbox:

Same one with burnt edges:

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