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Monday, March 3, 2008

The Setting Sun

On the way home the setting sun looked so beautiful to me. I wished that I had my D80 with me but I haven't started carrying it to work everyday (I will when it stays brighter longer in the evenings).

I remembered I had my trusty Canon Powershot with me so I pulled into the cemetery that has an open field behind it and took a few photos. This was one I loved the most.

It's not the same clairity that the D80 would bring to the photo when you enlarge it but I still felt I had to capture the moment of the setting sun. It's so symbolic to me in many ways....

I'm fine with having captured it on my lil ol trusty Point & Shoot because I know I pass here every day and there will be many more sunsets that I can take from this exact angle and love the photo even more than I love this one.

I burned and dodged the sky a little to add to the effect.

The trees are what do it for me with this sunset....

I also took this one as well. I liked the setting sun in the distance.

1 comment:

Julie said...

These are very powerful, Jen. Keep shooting.

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