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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Psychiatric Sunday I

Today I got to do a fun shoot with Jen & Brittany (and my lovely assistant Tiffany). We had such a great time.

We did the photoshoot at the abandoned North Princeton Development Center (NPDC) compound. I call it a compound because NPDC sits on approximately 280 acres of land and at one time had over 100 buildings on the property. The center closed down about 10 years ago and all of the buildings now sit vacant (with an elementary school right in the middle of this creepy ghost town). Jen thought this would be a great place for a shoot and she was right! There were so many different boarded up buildings scattered on property that provided us a good backdrop for photo ops. Links regarding this location can be found at the bottom of this post.

The make-up and clothing were perfect for this "dark" shoot. I loved it! Here's a funny slideshow of some photos that Tiffany took of the "behind the scenes" moments at the photoshoot...notice my filty, dusty coat and the lovely black garbage bag hanging out of my pocket (handy for lying on the ground for shots! LOL!)...and of course we had to get Tiffany posing with all my gear. :)

I was only able to process a few before I need to head to sleep for the night so here are tonights favs:

And my favorite one that I processed tonight:

Check out the links below to learn more about the abandoned North Princeton Development Center (NPDC) in Skillman, NJ.

LINK 1 - LINK 2 - LINK 3 - LINK 4

LINK 5 - LINK 6 - LINK 7 - LINK 8

Part II can be seen HERE.

Part III can be seen HERE.


Julie said...

Wooohooo!! These are awesome Jen!! You did fantastic. I can't wait to browse you gallery and check out the rest.

lg said...

Hauntingly Beautiful!

~Jennifer Ann~ said...

i love them all so very much we had a great time too.

~Jennifer Ann~ said...

your favorite was brittanys fave too. I love them all, i love them sooooo much.

Julie said...

Oh that video cracked me up! I love seeing what it takes to make great photos. I love the one of Tiffany. These put a smile on my face.

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