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Friday, May 23, 2008

Avon By The Sea & The Figura Sisters - Creative Edits

If you know me....you'll know that I love to put a little twist on many of my edits. I always do the classic color edit but when I really love a photo I can't help but give it some kind of twist in Photoshop.
Below are edits I did last night of the Figura Sisters from our beach shoot near Spring Lake & Avon By The Sea, NJ. To see more from their shoot click HERE.

I look at the photo and try to imagine what "emotion" I'd like to evoke with the photo. Sometimes it's a simple B&W conversion with the levels tweaked on the darker side, sometimes it's an action where I lower the opacity so it's not as intense and other times it's a texture applied - just because I like to be "different." LOL! These edits are not everyone's cup of tea but I love them. It's my way of being creative even though I'm "on the job."

In the examples below you'll see quite a few of the Pioneer Woman's Vintage action applied to quite a few of these (I didn't leave the action exactly as it finished...I lowered the opacity on it.). I felt it worked with a lot of these. Maybe it's because they reminded me a of a jean company advertisement from a magazine...and the softened antique look worked really well.

(click to view LARGER....much better that way!)

The same antiqu action as above, lowered opacity, and then B&W conversion over it.

I love a great texture. You can really do so much with them. It's not for everyone....but it's definitely for ME!

I really like the tones on this one! It's an action that I stop a 1/4 of the way through and then I undo a few more steps to get this coloring. I also burned the sky to make it more dramatic. My kind of sky.....

Sisters will be sisters. I love this conversion...I burned the sky a bit here as well.

The antique action again but this time I barely lowered the opacity.

Another texture!

Simple B&W conversion...

And another texture!


Julie said...

In the words of some of our favorite photos, You really worked it girl!!! LOL I am loving these edits, wonderful job!!

Heather said...

I agree with Julie. These are wonderful edits. I like all the textures you used...especially the grainy one that looks like sand. Also, the dramatic sky so works!

The sisters and their parents will be admiring your work for years Jen...way to go!

Teresa said...

I really like the third one! Nice job!

Jackal said...

Excellent series of images.

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