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Friday, May 2, 2008

Can You Say A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E?

Oh my goodness...how can you not love these poses?

I'm still working on the "B. Family." I have another Communion Party tomorrow so I need to kick it into high gear and get this set finished in order to start working on the next (and finish the my last set of family photos of my co-worker and her girls).

To see all of the B. Family photos posted so far HERE.

I usually am very particular about how I edit. For some reason I like to do the editing in order of how I took the photos. It keeps me from getting confused as to where I left off, etc. Tonight I decided to jump ahead and edit one of Mom & "J." because I thought it was such a sweet un-posed moment with the duck that helped keep his attention.


effiemay said...

well yes I can...


I really love this set..very nicely done Jen.

M Palmer said...

Very - esp the bw bunny ears shot!!

Heather said...

I like this new set...I like the full length shots of the girls...their shoes are too ADORABLE. Also, the last one is great-I see why you jumped ahead on it.

I wish you lots of luck on the editing! Yikes!!!

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