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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Reflections of Boredom

You guessed it...when I'm bored and have nothing else to do I take self portraits (well, who I am kidding...I have too much to do...but I needed a break for a bit!)

So, out came the new Nikon 50mm 1.4 lens for some test shots indoors with no flash at 400 ISO.

No clones needed for this shoot! LOL I just took them in my room with the full length mirror..and the only light in the room was my ceiling fan lights.

I'm not happy with the amount of hot pixles I'm getting at ISO 400 but I'm not about to start worrying about that right now.

Here are my favorite "in the mirror" shots of the night. The first one is my top favorite:

Peter from my forum had an idea to merge the 1st & the 4th photos together to see what it would look like if my reflection was looking at the me that is looking at the camera. I think it puts an interesting twist on it:

Then I did some against a painted wall in my room. As usual the hardest part was focusing the camera on nothing. The 50mm made it even tougher than the 18-200.

Tonight was the greenest I've seen my eyes yet in a self portrait. Usually they're a lot more blue but I guess it was the brown shirt and the wall color that changed them. I'm not sure why I mentioned all these details LOL!

Anyway...these are the colored versions:

Then I converted them to Black & White using Itty Bitty Actions and applied a texture and I LOVE how they came out!

So that's me for tonight. I hope this inspires you to do something...anything at all with your photography when you're bored. When all else fails I say take a self portrait! :)


roentarre said...

Very good posts, Jen. Love your work as always

Heather said...

so...I totally like the one your photo friend recommended and I like just the one with your ponytail before it was altered. The wall you took the last few on came out great for a background.

Your textured ones are right on though-they match the serious mood you looked like you might have been in or aiming for in the photos. I want that texture! You're holding out on me!!! :-)

Good-creative-inspiring work.

effiemay said...

Very cool Jen and as always...very inspiring!

M Palmer said...

Well lets first say its a bonus to be that pretty and to have yourself to take pictures of, I would have to resort to my shoe or something. GREAT SHOTS with that being said. I like the one where you photoshopped yourself looking back. The color ones are excellent, you could have flashed a smile - thats what mom said to right?

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