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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Big Shout Out &Thanks to Mike Palmer

SUPER BIG THANKS to Mike Palmer!!

We get by with a little help from our friends, right?

Well, in the world of photography blogs I've come across some great people who have been very willing to help a fellow photographer out when they need it.

Mike went the extra mile and took time out of his night, tonight, to chat with a "lighting newbie" (ME) about the whole world of lighting options out there to choose from.

After talking to him about where I am with my work as well as the options of strobes, umbrellas, soft boxes, off camera flashes, skyports, etc. I feel like I am in a good place with the decision I am going to make regarding my "portable" lighting set-up for on the go portrait shoots.

I'll keep you posted on exactly what the final consensus is when we get it all down on paper.

*Mike, I really appreciate you taking time out of your night to talk "shop" with me....I must have sounded clueless...so your patience with me making you re-explain things was great.

I'm looking forward to making a final decision, having a list, and walking into B&H to make the purchase! I'm so excited to have something for future shoots!

1 comment:

M Palmer said...

Your very welcome... It was great to talk to you

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