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Monday, May 26, 2008

Erin & Noel's Wedding Day

For today's adventure....Erin's Wedding. It was a very long day but well worth it for me...

Erin is a friend from my photography forum and I told her I would do her wedding photography for her back in March. Well the days flew right by and today was THE DAY!

And what a gorgeous day it was --- 75 degrees!! What great luck Erin had!

(Don't I look sooo tired? LOL)

My sister and I left my house about 11:30a.m. and drove 2.5 hours and over 130 miles to Pennsylvania.

We started the day at Erin's Mom & Dad's house so I could take photos of her getting ready...She has a great family who helped her make this a very special day and they were so kind to me and made us feel right at home. We left a few mins before Erin to head to the reception hall to prepare for the ceremony.

Everything went so well and Erin looked so beautiful - her dress was GORGEOUS with a CAPITIAL "G"! I can see the love the Erin & Noel share by the way they looked at each other.

At the end of the night I asked Erin and Noel if they wanted to go over to the open field across the street to take photos in front of the sunset that was quickly fading. Erin is such a great spirited girl...that she walked all the way over barefoot, stood in weeds that were knee-high, and even jumped the fence for me in her dress (the funny thing was that my sister figured out how to unlatch the fence after she climbed it *giggling here*). Erin and her husband, Noel, (who was also a great sport) laid in the high grass for me so we could get some really awesome night shots with the sun setting.

I only edited a few because I really wanted to share something with Erin and all of your to see!


This was my first paid wedding and I can honestly say it went pretty smoothly. Looking at all of the photos now makes me wish we had more time for the formal shots but it's always tough when everyone is anxious to go inside for the reception.

The photos featured here are not your traditional wedding photos but they are sooooooo "ME"....and I really think they are sooooooo ERIN! (I'll show more traditional ones at another time)

SUPER GIANT ENORMOUS THANKS TO MY SISTER DARLENE for helping me all day long, running to the car a million times for me, supplying me with alternate flashes, batteries and cards, and letting me use her new D300 for an alternate camera (that thing is so heavy that my arm was turning to jelly!!)



M Palmer said...

I know how you were looking forward to this wedding, great shots, I look forward to seeing the rest Jen.

Heather said...

WHOA JEN! What fabulous photos. And you wore tennies...how cool is that??! I am AMAZED. How fortunate for you and Erin to have came together through the forum.

I can't wait to see more! But rest...I know how hard a 1st wedding is.

Splendid work!

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