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Thursday, May 1, 2008

The B. Family - Sisters

The B. Family Continued...

I've finished all of the individual photos of "S." and now I'm moving on to work on the variety of family photos taken. I've been scanning through some of them preliminarily and I'm loving many of the moments captured.

To see all of the B. Family photos posted so far HERE.

Sweet lil "E." This was my "test shot" to start the day and it turned out to be a cute one! E was such a great poser! She knew just how to angle her head or turn with a shy little smile. So fun to work with! Mom and Dad even showed me some photos of her from when she was younger and she knew how to work the camera even at a young age! By the way, I love off center photos like this. :)

(Click to view larger)

A little bit of diffused glow here:

More sisters poses:

A "vintage" Photoshop action applied to this:

What a sweet moment!


Anonymous said...

I Love that last shot! so sweet!

julie said...

This is so great!! I love the obvious love between those two. Great job on the lighting, Jen.

Heather said...

gorgeous 2nd and last shot Jen. They are all good, but those 2 shine!

Heather said...

gorgeous 2nd and last shot Jen. They are all good, but those 2 shine!

effiemay said...

they all look terrific Jen...lovely lighting. beautiful little girls!!

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