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Monday, May 26, 2008

Memoral Day Good Eats & Good Company

Today I took a break from editing and went to Tiffany's house for some Memorial Day "good eats."

To read more about the yummy dishes that we dined on, today, go to Tiffany's blog.

Then Tiffany & I decided to be really fun and exciting and proceeded to sit at the dining room table on our individual laptops like 2 losers. LOL!

Aren't we fun and exciting?

Tiffany's desert consisted of peach something or other with some espresso. Don't you just love the little cups??


Julie said...

"Tiffany's ephiphany"? LOL I like your glasses too, you look stylish! Seriously. I'm glad you ate some good food too, looks similar to what we had.

meleah rebeccah said...

The two of you are sooooo adorable!!

ps....Thanks for making me feel better this weekend!

M Palmer said...

R2D2 and C3po ??? I barely saw my computer this weekend = )

Heather said...

The cups are more than cute and you two are so hysterical together! Such good friends!!!

Jen Weaver Photography said...

@Julie - Thanks. I didn't feel very stylish LOL - my allergies are worse than I ever had them and my eyes feel like someone rubbed sandpaper over them (hence the glasses on in public). LOL The food is always "delish" at Tiff's.

@Meleah - you should have come to join us for the "good eats"!! I hope you're feeling better...I really do.

@Mike - LOL You're too funy. Yes, I think Tiffany would make a fine CP30 addition to my R2D2 reference. *giggle* I barely saw my computer and it felt neglected so I had to give it some love yesterday while I ate my burger.

@Heather - we are a couple of nuts - sitting there coexisting with our laptops...chatting and bloggtin....Although my laptop is very boring and her's has a neat lil apple on it. LOL!

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