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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Yesterday Was Hot...Today is Steamy!

Oooooh la la...check these out!

You too were awesome to work with! Not too many people would lay in a field like this for me! :)

Erin & Noel are awesome! Click HERE to see more.

(I promise you'll want to click on these to view them extra large!)

Same one with a little texturizing!
(I like doing multiple edits of my favorite shots until I find the one that I think works best.)

A cool vintage action on this one...I can't get over how much I love Erin in this one!

Erin, You are marvelous!!

The soft feel of this version works well with how Erin is looking at Noel.

Another with texture:

I love this one and boy do I wish I had a photo of me laying in the grass while taking this!

This statement is going to get repetitive....but....more to come! LOL!


"Granny Sue" said...

It's 2:20 in the morning....I just couldn't wait to see more pics of Erin's wedding. And, I'm NOT DISAPPOINTED!

So creative. So innovative. So spectacular. I think I'll stop here and say "Stunning work!"

Julie said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVELY!!!!!! You are awesome!!!!

M Palmer said...

McSteamy!!! Great job here Jen, and thanks a whole bunch for that nod over a Jason's site - It made my week = )

Heather said...


Jen Weaver Photography said...

You're my biggest fans and I adore you all for coming to my blog and making me feel speacial! :)

@Sue - thank you so much. I'm so glad someone else is excited as me to see these photos progress. Erin's liking them so that makes me so happy!

@Julie - Thanks! Love ya!

@Jason - so happy to make your week. :)

@Heather - Thanks sweets!! :)

meleah rebeccah said...

Simply breath taking.

Oscar said...

I Love the bride in the field, arms raised! She looks happy - Nice and very Different!!!

Anonymous said...

oh my god oh my god oh my god

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