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Friday, May 23, 2008

Business Cards - That's just too much pressure for one little rectangle to handle!!!

Since I will be doing the photography for the benefit I mentioned in my last post I thought it would be best if I got myself some professionally printed business cards. That way Jo Ann and I have them available to give out at the event if anyone is interested in purchasing prints.

I went with a thicker cardstock with a gloss finish from 123Print.com which is a company that my friend found on the internet that she thought was inexpensive and she liked the results when she got them.

I had a really hard time deciding what to go with for the card. You're card should say so much about you all on one little rectangle...but I think that's just too much pressure for one little rectangle to handle!!! LOL!

If I did a landscape scene I knew which photo I would go with instantly but since I want to concentrate more on portraits/people photography I wanted a person...but even that was too hard to figure out.

Who would I feature? Would I want a customer or family member's portrait? Nah...to hard to decide. If I out a portrait photo of myself to show my portrait ability that would feel very strange/conceited (like hey, here's me!)... if I went with me with my camera that would be too...cliche? So, after laboring over this and getting advice from friends on my options I somehow I ended up with a photo of my own eye! LOL!

I guess it could mean many things if you want to get all deep:

*Having the "eye" for photography is very important
*The actual eye of the photographer is where all the magic happens when looking through the viewfinder
*We see "Life's Fleeting Moments" pass before our eyes
*It's part of a face and people are what I love to capture
*I have a pretty eye??? LOL Ahahahah - that's my favorite..I'll go with that for the reason!! (just kidding)


Anonymous said...

Yes, Yes, Yes!!! Great concept. Love it!

Julie said...

I love your new business card!!! It's awesome!!!

Heather said...

It works Jen and is so you! Check into these 2 companies for cards-


Good stuff...

Mine are from iprint, but I believe 4over is just as good and more inexpensive.

Anonymous said...

put the card we made me on here!!!!

meleah rebeccah said...

that is a KICK ASS business card! I want to hire you to make business cards for me & my blog (when I get back from vacation)......


ps...I am sooo happy to have finally met you in person.

Anonymous said...

You are creative, and to the point!

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