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Friday, January 18, 2008

Homemade Air Conditioning

These photos area also from my photo excursion from 10/28/07 from out trip to the Mulica River and the Pine Barrens.

On our way home we stopped to take the barn and silo from yesterday's post and I noticed this house on the farmland across the street. I might not have given it a 2nd glance until I notice the roof was completely missing on one side. I took this from across the street:

Then I decided I wanted to get closer we drove up the long driveway and I took some shots from my car (I always get worried about trespassing...how do I explain... "Oh sorry, I just like to photograph old abandoned things" LOL!)

I love this conversion!!

Some details on the house:

I love the fall leaves reflected in the window:

I always find it a shame when you see houses like this....so sad to see homes go to waste like this...

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