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Friday, January 25, 2008

How to Install Photoshop Plugins and Actions

If you'd like a great little free plug-in I was just reminded that a great one is OptikVerve Lab's VIRTUAL PHOTOGRAPHER:


How to load Photoshop PLUGINS:

Say you download "Virtual photographer" above:

*Once you download the file it asks you where you want to save it
*You'll be saving it inside your Photoshop program files (mostly likely in your C Drive)
*Go to: C Program files ---- Adobe---- Adobe Photoshop (whatever your version is) ---- find the PLUG IN folder and save the plug in there.
*The next time you launch Photoshop you will see the plug in under your filter menu at the bottom.

To use them you open a photo first and then go to FILTER and find the plug in you'd like to try and click on it.

A plug in is like an extra program added to your Photoshop.
Some programs are stand alone and some are used within photoshop.

There are many free Photoshop PLUGINS so google it and soon you'll be in Plug-in heaven!

How to load Photoshop ACTIONS:

If you want to something like www.atncentral.com to download some actions you would do the same process as above with a slight variation:

*Once you download the file it asks you where you want to save the *.atn file.
*You'll be saving it inside your Photoshop program files (mostly likely in your C Drive)
*Go to: C Program files ---- Adobe---- Adobe Photoshop (whatever your version is) ---- find the PRESETS folder ---then inside there find the ACTIONS folder. All actions get saved there.

Once you place the actions in that folder you have to load them into your actions palette:

Open Photoshop and click on WINDOW and then make sure ACTIONS is checked off. If not click on it.
The actions palette is open now and there a couple ways to load the actions:

Depending upon your Photoshop verision there should be a tiny arrow that you click on and find "load actions" - this will take you to your drives menu... find the actions folder with the instructions above and click on the action that you want to load and repeat the process until you have them all.

Another way to load them that I find super easy is to open your actions palette like I mentioned above and make sure you photoshop window is not maximized all the way...

*Go to your My Computer on your desktop, navigate until you get all the way until you get to your actions folder on your harddrive and open it up. You will have that window and Photoshop open next to each other.
*Drag the actions you downloaded from your ACTIONS folder and drop them right into your ACTIONS palette in photoshop and Viola! they are there!

To use them you open a photo open a photo first and then find the ACTION you'd like to try in your actions palette and single click on the action. Then go to the bottom of the actions palette and look for the symbol that looks like an arrow pointing to the right (looks like a play button) and click on it. And Viola! all of the pre-recorded steps of the action will be carried out.

You can make your own actions too - to carry out repetitive steps that you might constantly used on your photos.

There are soooo many free Photoshop actions out there - but start with www.atncentral.com - they have samples to show you what each action does.

Check out the following 2 sites

Lists of other free goodies:



Other directions on how to download actions and plugins:


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