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Monday, January 14, 2008

More Edits... "Deep Thoughts" Series

Love the smile in this one :)

I like the close up shots for a lot of this shoot. I wanted to get right in there and show the details because I feel that deatils like this can really speak to you.

I also like unconventional compositions....if you can't tell that already!

I did the same shot with the dragan effect/dragan technique. Once method of doing this technique can be found by CLICKING HERE. It definitely gives a "dark side" feel to a normal photo. I don't know why I like the technique...I just think it's fun to create someing that's totally different that the norm.

I captured another smile! See, they weren't all so serious during our serious session: :)

I think you might be able to see a pattern forming here....I really love the KUBOTA Photoshop Action (mentioned HERE) that produces this look! I've used it quite a bit of times throughout the processing of this photo shoot and I keep wanting to use it on ever photo! (I seem to get caught in repetitious behavior like that with my post processing....I guess it's like the flavor of the week for me!)

I really wanted a gritty feel ...(as a friend of my best described it...they have a Film Noir feel to them).

And the last post of the day for the blog is the last photo I processed today:

1 comment:

julie said...

Great job on this series! I love seeing him smile...he has a great one.

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