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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Experimenting with Slow Shutter Speeds and Water

When I was at the beach on Sunday I experimented with slow shutter speeds while photographing the water lapping over the jetty rocks.

I had no idea what I was doing with the speeds (and I didn't have any information with me as to what I should set the shutter and aperature on) so I just experimented with various settings and tried to decide what I liked best on the LCD screen.

I love this effect so I think I will make sure I do some research before again I try next time and then I can bring the information with me and test it.

The water looked great in alot of them but the rock would be out of focus. It could have to do with how I had the focus set but I'm not sure.

With the camera on MANUAL I tested various speeds and got these shots which I like the effect on. Settings are listed above each photo.

(Click to view larger)

f32 Shutter: 1/2

f32 Shutter: 1/10

f32 Shutter: 1/10

f32 Shutter: 1/5

f29 Shutter: 1/3

I didn't want to leave the beach without trying to photograph the water lapping up on to the sand with a slow shutter speed but by the time I got off the jetty I DID forget! So, I will have to go back to the beach soon and experiment more.

1 comment:

White Russian said...

nice experiments.

maybe next time you can wait till it gets a bit more darker and see if you can expose for 2 seconds? that way the water looks all cloudy.


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