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Monday, February 18, 2008

Me Again...

After I took a number of shots from every angle of the Colonnade (featured in the post below) at the Princeton Battlefield State Park I decided to take some self portraits. "Why not" I told myself...the site turned out to be a great place for photography of all kinds and I hardly have anyone who wants to let me take their photos...so I have to use myself since I'm willing!

The only one around was a guy who stood in the field next to me doing "yoga-like" stretches for at least an hour.... LOL

I think when I finally get some "people subjects" I will take them here to take portraits. If I ever get an engagement shoot I know I will definietly bring them here as well! I can just see the photos in my head.

Anyway, here I am...again... I set up the tripod with the timer and stood pretty close to the camera. When I tried to take them from further back they were always blurry! I even tried manual focus but nothing helped. One day I will master crystal clear self portraits.

I think this is one of my top favs from the "self portrait shoot"

I swear I don't have a bald spot at my part in my hair...I think it's the action I applied to this shot along with the fact that my gray hair really needs a touch up that made it look so largely white there...despite that I like this shot and conversion:

Most of the shots were pretty serious-faced because that's just how I'm feeling lately but there was one with a smile:

I like the sun-flare in this one:

Oh, I guess there was one more with a smile from today!

This action gave it a soft dreamy feel:

And I can't decide if I like the one above better or this conversion (decisions, decisions...not like I'm actually doing anything with these photos besides posting them here LOL):

Ooooooo, the mysterious "hood" with the super mysterious look....ahahahah...I CAN laugh at myself.... LOL!


lg said...

wow! amazing. i love #2 and #6!

Anonymous said...

I'm partial to the one that you said "dreamy look"....I don't know how you do such a great job with self-portraits. Always nice! Sue

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