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Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Snow Fell and I Ran Out The Door to Catch It

I was sitting in my office chair editing some photos from 2007 when I looked out the window and saw snow flying around in the wind like crazy. I was so excited for some reason...could it be that I actually wanted snow? Ummmmmmmm, I think YES!

Normally snow is a nuisance but today I was thrilled that the snow was falling and I wanted to be right there with the snow in the middle if a field somewhere photographing it!

Call me crazy but I guess you can tell I'm addicted to photography and the addiction really kicked in last January (2007). I got some snowy scenes back then...but that was with a point & shoot so I didn't have the range I wanted. I didn't have the D80 until May of 2007 so today was my first chance to capture my 4th season with the DSLR...Ahhhhh, WINTER!

I've been waiting for it to snow on a weekend so I could have my chance. I imagined places I'd quickly drive to and what kind of photos I'd like to get when it finally would snow. When I saw the snow falling I was out the door in my coat, hat, gloves, snowboots, with my camera and tripod in less than 7 minutes!

I drove a place less than 1 minute from me. It's "preserved open space" (yay!!) by the township. A slew of various birds are known to "hang" here but today I was focused on the trees and the field covered lightly in snow...as well as this path to no where.

I also fixated on a little tree in the middle of the field that seems so lonely. :(

I headed down the road a bit and tried to capture the snow in motion with a photo of barn from my car window (need to stay as warm as possible!)

I made it further down the road to the Griggstown section of the D&R canal but by the time I got there the snow was no longer coming down (boo hoo) but I still got some photos that I liked alot. One in particular that I loved was this lone tree in the middle of the field that I pass everyday on the way home from work. I've been wanting it to snow so I could capture it exactly like this (I have a thing for lone trees in a field...wonder what that means if you analyze me!?! LOL!):

I have more to edit from this trip that I'll share soon.

I ended the day with frozen fingers, feet that just wouldn't warm up for hours, and muddy, muddy shoes (smart me decided to walk in a field that looked solid but turned out to be ALL MUD...my poor new boots! All for the love of photography)!

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Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhhhhh.....snow images. Love 'em!


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