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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Reunion - Immaculate Conception in Spotswood NJ

Not many people have an 8th grade reunion but my class does! Every 5 years since we graduated in 1990 we've had a reunion. When I tell people this they giggle..."8th grade reunion...you mean high school??" they say and I repeat "8th grade."

This seems to be uncommon to most people..to me it's comforting to know that I will see the people I grew up with for 9 years (Kindergarten through 8th grade...and 13 years for those I went to high school with as well) every 5 years.

There is something about this group that I hold special in my heart. I made a lot of fun memories during those 9 years along with a lasting friendship that I hope continue for the rest of time. Some classmates I talk to all the time, some were even in my wedding, others I only see at the reunions but we're able to pick back up where we left off...laughing at the silly stories of Immaculate Conception Grammar School in Spotswood, New Jersey.

Even at 32 years old I can still recall so many stories from our years at good old ICS vividly. And I have the photos to go along with the memories (yes, I was an avid photog even in grammar school)!! Check out me and my fancy 110 camera in 5th grade!

I guess there was something special to this group of 29 or so that graduated together in 1990 that has kept up through the years.

Here we are...the group of classmates near and dear to my heart...the class of 1990 of Immaculate Conception Catholic Grammar School (minus a couple who missed photo day) and our two 8th grade teachers (both have since passed away).

The story goes on...yesteryday I attended something a little different. It wasn't the 5 year reunions we always throw - it was a Reunion hosted by the school. I knew I was going right away when I heard about the event. I wanted to see my friends but I also wanted to see the school and what it looks like now. Funny thing is - it hasn't changed much at all! Same chalkboards, bullentin boards, same clock, and crucifix hanging at the front of the classrooms. Same coat closets, floors, wall surfaces, same pictures hanging in the halls (with the addition of a few), same 3rd and 4th grade teachers still teaching there (Mrs. Sarnak and Mrs. Hinton - my 2 favorites of all time)! Almost everything was the same as it was when I graduated 18 years ago...even the smell of the classrooms was familiar to me.

I went with my friend JoAnn, who grew up right down the street from me. She recently moved back to the area and we thought it would be fun to go together. It was still fun to be back in the school roaming the dark hallways where we made ourselves at home turning on all of the lights and peeking in the classrooms. After we were done poking around the school we spend time chatting in the cafeteria where there was a DJ (just like the ICA dances LOL!), pizza, beer, etc. We hung around looking at old photos albums the school kept of us when we were "wee big" and laughed our butts off as we tried to remember names of classmates who were older and younger than us.

One of the last things we did was go back into one of the old classrooms and take some fun shots reminiscent of when we were kids...




Glenny will still be Glenny

I tried to find one with all of us in it and came close with this one...Glenn putting tissue on my head...LOL and I see Mike and Tommy in this shot:

As I said before Glenny will still be Glenny:

Although only a few classmates were able to attend, it was fun and strangely familiar to be back walking those same halls again... "Stay between the gold lines and walk in a single file!!!"

I'll be one of the first planning our 2010 Reunion...Looking forward to it already!

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Anonymous said...

Then and Now.....how creative! Loved the narration and the images as well.


Anonymous said...

i was looking at info on my 10 year high school reunion at spotswood high and came across this. i thought it was great. i stayed in ics till only 6th grade but many of my friends stayed through till the end. i would have graduated there in 1994. again, this was great.

Anonymous said...

jackie catsoulis

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