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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Roses From Spring

Can believe these are from last Spring and I just edited them?

Spring of 2008 is just around the corner and I can't believe I have so many varieties of flowers left to edit that I photographed last year.

I'm soooo backed up on my editing!!

By the way...Jen Weaver Photography Blogspot hit 4000 hits today! I can't believe it! Only 24 days ago it hit 3000...I can't believe it! Yay!


~Jennifer Ann~ said...

what kind of roses are the teeny purple ones? I loved that shot. I also liked the white rose.

Julie said...

Oh how these make me yearn for spring. I did start hearing more little birds chirping today, so spring isn't far away. How I'm ready for the new things that spring brings. These are amazing photographs.

Congrats on your numbers, perhaps I'll get that high. lol

Jen Weaver Photography said...

Thanks ladies! Glad you liked them.

Jen - the purple ones are listed as: Cardinal de Richelieu (Hybrid Gallica) 1847. I took them at Colonial Park in Somerset in the Rose garden. You should take Chloe there one day...it's so beautiful. I know nothing about flowers so I always take photos of the plaques in front of the roses. :D

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