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Thursday, February 21, 2008

More of Rural New Jersey and LJ Herman

The Agway Silos below were photographed in Flemington, New Jersey back on September 2nd on one of my Sunday photo trips with my sister. We stopped at a few churches, at some at some farms where I got a few great barns and some horses.

On the way home we stopped at a couple cemeteries and a 2nd hand shop that will make you laugh when you see some of the details. :)

I finally had a chance to start editing the photos that I took that day tonight.

I love rural feeling photos so when I saw these silos I made sure my sister and I pulled over to photograph them. I love the conversions on some of these. The brownish tinted one is definitely my favorite action lately.

The next place featured below from our stops along the way home is LJ Herman's Second Hand Shop in East Windsor, NJ. "Second hand" prominently displayed with a giant painted hand on the front of the mossy green colored building.

I had to photograph this place...I passed it so many times throughout my childhood while traveling down Route 130. I don't know why...maybe it's my love of old places with peeling paint that look abandoned but once I really got into photography last year I promised myself that I would stop and photograph it one day. This was the perfect day with the most perfect blue sky all day (the circular poloarizer made it even more of a perfect blue sky that day).

My favorite part of LJ Herman's 2nd Hand Shop isn't that it's FOR SALE - it's the sign on the door where you would normally find someone's shop hours. Looks like the hours used to be there on the poster board with an additional note that says "and whenever my truck is here." Now how great is that!? It just had me giggling!

The other door on the shop has what looks like the owner's phone number along with another great sign that only says "Open when my truck is here." I guess if you were interested in visiting the shop you had to swing by to look for the truck. :)

Not sure if you find it funny but some reason it cracked me up.

There's just something about this green old second hand shop that I love.

I better start capturing all the places I've always loved around New Jersey before they are all gone!

To view more of my rural feel shots (barns & abandoned buildongs galore) click here:


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